DivX 3.11 alpha - it appears to me that some people don't know what CTRL-F is... so learn!!!
DivX 3.11 VKI - a patch to make DivX VKI by default (sometimes DivX 3.11 plus VKI is referred to as DivX 3.2)
DivX for Windows 4.0 alpha 48
MS Windows Video V1/2 codecs with scene change detection
SMR codecs

Descrambling / Ripping tools

cladDVD 1.71 full - a GUI for VobDec, but vobdec.exe is already contained in the packageDeCSS Plus 1.0 - the mother of all keysearchers
DeCSSplus 2.0pre2 - better keysearch and includes authentication as well
DOD Speed Ripper 1.1 - I suggest you use VobDec instead since this tool fails on some DVDs
DVD Decrypter 2.4 the best and most versatile ripper
SmartRipper 2.25 - another DVD Ripper, offers many neat options that no other ripper has
VobDec 0.311+ - the successor of DeCSS
VobDec GUI 3.1 - the best GUI for VobDec
Vobrator 0.2 - even another rip program, also offers some special features like pcm dts conversion or pcm extraction.
vStrip 0.7b_css GUI - includes both the CLI and the GUI version


DVD2AVI 1.68 THE frameserving tool par excellence
FlaskMpeg 0.60 preview
Thunder MISM for Flask 0.60 - allows you to open IFOs and concatenate VOBs (load the first one.. the rest gets loaded automatically)
CSS MISM for Flask 0.60 - allows you to open VOBs/IFOs off the DVD directly
Miha iDCT plugins for Flask 0.60 - fastest iDCT you can get
FlaskMpeg 0.594 - do I have to say more?
FlaskMpeg 0.594 AMD - AMD optimized FlaskMpeg
FlaskMpeg AMD v2 - fastest for Athlon CPUs if you choose Athlon optimized hybrid iDCT.
FlaskMpeg 0.594 PX3 0.004 2nd strike v3 - includes miha's iDCT (choose non-mmx iDCT!) and AMD mods.
FlaskMpeg 0.594 PX3 CSS - includes all PX3 speed updates plus CSS support.
FlaskMpeg 0.594h2pre3 - new AC3 decoding, audio player, encoding offset, includes the subtitle fix
FlaskMpeg 0.594 Intel - optimized for P3 and P4
FlaskMpeg 0.594 multipass - allows multipass encoding (requires the Avisynth1.3b and 0.28 plugin!)
FlaskMpeg 0.594 PX3 miha - fastest MMX and non MMX iDCT you can get
FlaskMpeg 0.594 miha - miha iDCT w/o PX3 code... use this version of you don't want to encode from the beginning (PX3 miha will crash)
FlaskMpeg DeCSS 0.594 - CSS descrambling added, has the same problems as VobDec
FlaskMpeg subtitlefix v7 - fixes a lot of subtitle related problems.
FlaskMpeg tsunami v6 - dropframe fixes to the extreme, flexible cropping preview
FlaskMpeg readmes - contains all the info you need about the various FlaskMpeg versions.

DivX Editing tools

AviChop 0.2b - File splitter
AviDefreezer - fixes frozen frames
Avifrate1.10- framerate changer for Avis
AviRevolution 2.1 - joins high and lowbitrate MPEG-4 clips, includes VKI mpeg2avi version.
AviRevolution 2.206 - same as above, but contains the mpeg2aviVBR version.
AviUtl 0.96i - includes English patch and English m4c plugin.
AviUtl filter plugins - a couple of untranslated filters
AviUtl 0.96X English patch 001127
AviUtl jump filter English
CompressAVI 1.04b12 - allows you to reduce the filesize of your movies considerably. 
DivX Fix 1.03 - to fix broken DivX downloads and crashed ripping sessions. NOT for frozen frames!
DivX joiner - allows you to join very small avi files, but without support for compressed audio so far. 
FourCC changer - allows you to change the fourCC code of your movies
Project DivX 1.05 - joins high and low motion files for better quality
MakeFilm TNG 1.2 - joins high and low motion files for better quality, optimized for 1 CD rips
Mov2Avi - converts Quicktime files to AVI
Vidtoasf - converts DivX avis to ASF
VirtualDub 1.3c - can open asf files
VirtualDub 1.3d modified - needed to create AVIs with AC3 soundtracks
VirtualDub 1.4c - latest release
VirtualDub 1.4c-asf - can open ASF files
VirtualDub 1.4c MP3 VBR - allows you to use VBR MP3s in your AVIs.
VKITol 0.12 - processes keyframe lists generated by the scene change plugin


AviEnc 0.20 - direct show filter to encode to DivX
bbMPEG 1.24b17 - latest beta.
Fair Use 0.26 - all-in-one (except audio) DVD -> DivX VKI/MM4 encoder
m4c_19 - command line based multipass MPEG-4 encoder
m4cIce - Iceman's speedy m4c CLI version.
idM4C v4b6 - dual output and better SMR for m4c
m4c plugin 03/18 - English version
m4c GUI v0.3
mpeg2avi PX3 0.015
mpeg22mpeg1 - an MPEG2 transcoder
I-Media Mpeg-2 Direct Show filters - allows you to encode AVIs using Graphedit
Quicktime plugin for TMPG
ReMPEG2 1.5.2
Windows Media Encoder Utility beta 2 - care to check it out?
Windows Media Encoder Utility GUI - probably the best one
Windows Media Encoder Utility GUI - another GUI, by PurpleMan ;)

Audio Tools

AC3dec - ax filter that does AC3 decoding
AC3dec 0.819 - command line based ac3 decoding
AC3fix 0.3 - fixes corrupt AC3 streams
AviAc3Split - Splitter for AVI/AC3 files
Azid - command line based ac3 decoding - correct Dolby Surround downmix, DRC, etc. Optimal parameters: -c normal -g 6 -L -3db (by Dark Avenger and Vilecoyote). You may have to adjust the -g parameter.
DSEnc 12b4 - get true Dolby Surround downmixes - requires SoftEncode
DirectSound 3D - filter to have multichannel sound without AC3 files, requires Graphedit
Graphedit - use your DVD player's direct show filter to extract the audio
Lame 3.88a8 - best and free MP3 encoder
Lame ACM - LAME codec for the use in VirtualDub, FlaskMpeg and ac3dec
Lame dshow - direct show filter of LAME
MP3Trim 1.7 - allows you to cut MP3s directly.
PX3Conv 0.4 - AC3 to DS WAV converter
RazorLame 1.12 - GUI for LAME - little program used to calculate synch values when using secondary synching method 
Toolame 0.2h - command line based WAV -> mp2 encoding, can be used as external encoder for TMPG
WAV normalize 0.232 - normalize your WAV files
Wavemp3 1.2 - adds WAV RIFF headers to MP3 files.
Vob2audio - replacement for Graphedit, allows for VOB -> WAV/MP3 conversion using DS filters

GUIs for command line tools

Dvd2avi_gui 1.05 - a gui for mpeg2avi, ac3dec and to make avi/ac3's
mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vStrip GUI 0.20h

DivX launchers

Compact Disc Autolauncher 1.4
BSPLauncher - launcher for the BSPlayer
MicroDVD Autorun 1.75 - DivX autolauncher for Micro DVD Player
MDVDGo 1.0 - autolauncher, specially for Micro DVD Player
Movie.exe 1.23
MovieLauncher Plus 1.11 - the big brother of movie.exe so to speak.
DivX CD Launcher 1.5


CCParser 0.01b - parses Close Captioning DVDs
slipstream - remaps subtitle streams
srt2ogt_updated - allows for easier multi-CD subtitle handling
- converts srt 2 ssa files

SSA Script converter 1.0 - converts .srt to .ssa files
Subadjust 1.51 - adjust subs, split subtitle files and convert subtitle files
Submist 0.2 - corrects MDVD subtitles
Subtitle Adjuster 1.41 - adjusts MDVDP subtitles
SubRip Conv 0.5a - converts SubRip files to Micro DVD files, includes splitting
SubRip 0.94b - the most uses subtitle ripper
Subripper 0.44 - an alternative Subtitle rip program, may be better than Subrip
Subtitle FPS Converter 0.99 - does what the name says.. converts a subtitle file to another framerate
Subviewer 2.0 - add subtitles to DVDs
sub2sami - converts .sub files to .smi files that can be displayed in WMP
VirtualDub subtitle plugin - to add ssa subs to an AVI
VobSub 1.50 & DirectVobSub 1.03- another subtitle plugin for VirtualDub
and DS filter for subtitle overlay during playback.

Support Utils

AviSynth 1.0beta31 & Premiere Plugin 0.28b37 - Enables Dualpass, Splitfunction and creates avs file automatically(official homepage).
AviFile.reg - run that registry file if you have the FlaskMpeg AVIFileOpen doesn't worked error
avs Patch - to make non avs readable encoder accept AviSynth frameserves
Bitrate Calculator  - pretty obvious what it does
Bearson's Bitrate Calculator
DriveInfo 1.1 - tells you all about your DVD Drive
Ecuador's Bitrate Calculator
ForceAspi 1.7 - if you get ASPI errors install this
Nero SVCD patcher - makes Nero write to mpegav subdir on the CD instead of the default mpeg2
Pulldown.exe - adds rff/tff flags to a 23.976fps MPEG2 stream.
SVCDFix - run this if you want to mux files with bbMPEG
Time2LBA - evaluates the index file of SmartRipper
VCDGear 2.0 - needed to make the dat -> mpg conversion
VFAPI Reader Codec 1.03b English - used to frameserve from DVD2AVI
VFAPI Reader Codec 1.04b English - beta version.. needs that you have the old version installed already.
Zonefix - Make your vob files region free

VOB Tools

bbTools 1.7 - good demuxer and mpeg2 analyzer
Decodevob 1.4
- Another vob demuxer
DV Tool 0.24 - Swiss army knife for digital video <g>
FileMerger - a general filemerge tool
jrdmux - bbTools optimized for speed
vobSplit 1.5 - used to split VOBs that can still be authored afterwards
vStrip 0.6h - the best VOB handler. For CSS support look in the rippers section

DivX/DVD Players

BSPlayer 0.832 and avimux 0.4 to create multilanguage AVIs
DZMovies Multi Media Player 1.0
Eugene's DVD Player 0.96 - great player for the H+, including regionfree and macrovisionfree mode
GDivX Player 1.8
Micro DVD Player 1.0 - also visit the official homepage for updates, FAQs and discussion forum
Playa 0.3.3 - DivX player by the OpenDivx team
PowerDivX Next Gen 2.15 - specialized in AVI/AC3, also get the 2.2 update
RedZ DivX Player 0.08
Zoom Player 1.3 - WMP replacement, optimized for TV output.

For more DVD players go to the links section

Source code - for all you coders out there. Help make these programs even better!

AC3decode 0.819 source code
AC3fix 0.3 source code
auth.dll - not source but a usueful dll to authenticate DVD drives
AviAc3Split1.1 source code
AviRevolution source code
AVI Output plugin 0.591 source code
AviSynth 1.0b31 source code
AviEnc 0.20 source code
bbMPEG 1.24b17 source code
bbTools 1.7 source code
CSSMonitor source code
DeCSS plus source code
DeCSS plus 2pre2 source code
DivX 4 Windows 4a48 WFW and DS filter source.
DVD2AVI source code
Filemerger source code
FlaskMpeg DVD MISM source code
FlaskMpeg Thunder MISM source code
FlaskMpeg CSS MISM source code
FlaskMpeg 0.594 sources - read the license
FlaskMpeg 0.594 AMD source code
FlaskMpeg 0.593 AMD v2 source code
FlaskMpeg 0.594h2pre3 source code - nicludes only the changes since v0.594
FlaskMpeg 0.594 DeCSS source code
FlaskMpeg 0.594 PX3 2nd strike v3 source code
FlaskMpeg 0.594 PX3 CSS source code - take the CSS part from h2pre3 and copy that over the flask PX3 sources
FlaskMpeg 0.594 miha sources - take idct.c from the Video subdir and copy these over the 0.594 sources
FlaskMpeg 0.594 Intel source code
FlaskMpeg 0.594 multipass source code
FlaskMpeg tsunami v7 source code
FlaskMpeg subtitlefix source code
I-media MPEG2 filter source code
IFOParser source code
m4c_19 source code
Mpeg2AVI PX3 0.015 source code
Mpeg2AviAR source code
Mpeg2avi VBR source code
mpeg2mpeg source source
MS MPEG-4 source code - not DivX or any of the release codecs, keep that in mind.
PowerDivX NexGen source code
The playa 0.33 source code
VirtualDub 1.3c source code
VirtualDub 1.4c source code
VirtualDub 1.4c MP3 VBR source code
vStrip 0.7b
including sources
VobDec 0.3 including sources
VobDec+0.311 including sources
VobSub 1.49 including sources

Region Free Tools

DVD Genie 3.86 - can set the region for almost any DVD software player
Universal Selector 1.5 - region selector for the Hollywood Plus


These packs contain all the software for the corresponding guides. For instance the FlaskMpeg pack contains all software described in the FlaskMpeg guide, etc.

FlaskMpeg ripping pack - contains all software used for avi encoding using FlaskMpeg (Divx3.2, FlaskMpeg PX3 miha, DVD Decrypter 2.2, vstrip 0.6h2_css and VirtualDub 1.4c) - last updated 1/25

Mpeg2avi ripping pack - contains all software used for avi encoding using mpeg2avi (Divx3.2 (VKI), mpeg2avi PX3 0.006b1, mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vstrip GUI 0.20c, vstrip 0.6h2_css, ac3dec0.819, mpeg2avi profiles and VirtualDub 1.4c) - last updated 1/25

DVD2MPG ripping pack - contains DVD2MPG v1.16, Avi Plugin v0.14b4 and dvd2mpeg readme - this pack will only be updated when a new version of dvd2mpg is out... could take a while.

Avi/AC3 pack - last updated 5/25

SVCD pack - contains TMPEGEnc 12a patched to English, TMPEGEnc 12a VFP patch, Avisynth 1.0b31 (official homepage), bbMPEG 1.24b16, FlaskMpeg PX3 miha, DVDDecrypter 2.2, (S)VCD profiles for bbMPEG and TMPEGEnc. - last updated 1/25

SVCD Pack Part 1 - this pack contains all software you need to make VCDs and SVCDs. 
SVCD Pack Part 2