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RealSystem Server 8.02 for Win | mirror
latest stream server soft released by Real , do you want to know its improvements compared with 8.01,check here!before 9.0 is offical released (frankly, i think they will keep it unknown until M$'s Corona is out! )this is the highest version now, want to know if old version license files can be used in it?check here.

《RealServer 9.0 screenshots》 screenshot-2 screenshot-3
hot RealServer 9.0 screenshots;)

Real Server 9.0 Beta 2
nothing but newest REAL server, plus some features.(Members only)

Real Server 9.0 Beta 2 documents
form EZY
the only thing we can do before getting a "real" one,reading password:

Microsoft DRM 7.0 SDK detailed information (Members Only)
DRM SDk! you can use it to develope all kinds of commercial VOD system , has been used in most China VOD systems, but they used DRM 1.0.however,this 7.0 version should be much powerful than 1.0 .

QuickTime Streaming Server 4 Public Preview 2

new stream server comes from Apple,plus many great codecs developed under standard, will you take it into account as a long history stream resolution?

RealNetWorks stream server! ! ! put it here just because there has no update for a week:)Attention: it has a zip password password is : 吴朝相(only for Chinese windows?:)for well known reasons, there is no (License Key)in this package,
but you can go to RealNetWorks to apply for a 25 users Lic(Free). if you want to server for much more users pleasecontact me.

Windows Media Server Update 4954_For Win2000

i am still busy in "moving house", so just found this one in last days, down it as you like .a upgrade for stream server built in WIN2K .

Windows Media Services update 35924

MEDIA SERVER upgrade package.

icecast 1.3.7 for Win32
released under GNU General Public License , a audio stream server.out in 1999, YAAN2 should like it .

Real Proxy 8.0 for NT Beta2

well know soft.down if you need it.

Real Server 8.0 Plus for Unix
60 users version
26M download guide
REAL MEDIA server, for Unix ,supports 60 users.according to my comparation with Linux; NT Lic files, it seems that you can use it for more uses, it's noly my estimation.this soft is not only very expensive but hard to find on the internet, please be jealous for my hard is not appropriate to be linked here for mass of reasons, want a download link?refer here.

Real Server 8.0 Plus for Linux 60 users version 16M download guide
REAL MEDIA server soft, for Linux , a friend told me it supports 60 users.this soft is not only very expensive but hard to find on the internet, please be jealous for my hard addition, version for WinNT is even much hard to find , last time i put BASIC version which only supports 25 users,finally i found PLUS and License file several days ago, but i'll provide it in the future for many reasons(busy?), if you want to get it check here.

Windows Media Server 11M
Windows Media server.

RealServer 8.0 10.3M
don't need say too much about it, it's a necessary one to build up a REAL MEDIA server.

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