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RealPlayer8 Update to RealVideo9 v1.2
can let your RealPlayer 8.0 play all RM files, including contents created by RealVideo 9.0 codec! fixs SMIL problem, and make RealPlayer 8 support more file formats.

RealPlayer8 Update to RealVideo9 v1.0

i created this package today, this pack makes it possible for RealPlayer 8.0 to play all kinds of RM files, also including RealVideo 9.0 RM medias! replace your RealONE , you don't need to worry about RealOne's registeration now ;)

RealOne Player
| mirror
latest RealMedia player, new features:
1; TurboPlay takes advantage of your high-speed broadband connection to load clips much faster than dialup connections 2; Advanced audio controls

VP5 for Real 0.1.1
| mirror
now VP5 comes out before we have time to test VP4:) heading video compressing technology, supports stream .you can view their demos after intalling this pack.500Kb ; 340Kb; VP4; WMP; Divx.

Windows Media Play for Mac OS X

experience Windows Media 8 technology in your Mac.

QuickTime 5.0.2 full version
APPLE newest medi player, full version doesn't need online install.with QuickTime Sorenson Video 3.10 Pro codec, same even better video quality than Windows Meida 8 and REAL Meida 8.5

RealOne Player and iQfx3 and vTuner Plus v4.0
released by RealNetworks .there should be improvements compared with preview version, while this version is commercial not a free one. this one can occupy taskbar more easily than previous version; also modifies files it'll popup “New message” window instead of working least i'll stick to 8.0 ,risk by yourself:)

Windows Media Player 8.0 MP3 & DVD Plug-in

WINXP comes out during the climax of Antitrust, its Windows Media Player 8.0 cancel some features to let WINXP avoid being accused for throttling other Everything goes very smoothly, MS begin to “complete” WMP8, this plugins can make your WMP restore its nature colour, MP3 record and DVD play become easy now,but make sure your Windows should be windows XP,not others.

Windows Media Player .ASF Processor Issue Patch

fixed a security problem of WMP when WMP play ASF files.

RealPlayer 8.0 Plus

it's the latest version in 8.0 series REAL Players.before we can make REALONE work perfectly, i still think it's the best choice of playing RM files


player works with hypnotizer.editor .

RealOne Player V6.0.10.359
RealNetworks latest work, aka RealPlayer 9.0 ,in fact it's a mixer of RealPlayer; RealJukebox; GoldPass .improved playing performance and speed compared to realplay 9.0 alpha , supports more formats, simpler UI.this is Preview and time limited version, well, a patch has been included :)

Media Player 8.0 build 4477 for Win2K
newest WinXP RTM 2600's Media Player ,attention !!For WINDOWS 2000 only!!!

RealPlayer 9.0 Alpha
Real Player 9.0 Alpha,nice GUI, plus dynamic audio library; burning CD; new drivers; more audio channels.(del cancel.html under C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\DataCache\Login and login.ini can skip registeration! )

Windows Media Player 8 RC2 4.8M
new media player, lots of improvements over Windows Media Player 7.1 , lower system resource need than 7.1 i uninstall it just because it doesn't support files protected by DRM 7.0 , if you have used 7.1 to certificate some keys, please backup before intall this new version.moreover, this one can only be installed in WIN2K

Media Player 8.0 build 4440 chinese verion
M$'s new media player, FOT WIN2K , lower resource load.btw: in my C466 cpu + 256 ram + tnt2 16m box ,WMP plays DivX slower than in K6-2-350 cpu + 128 ram + in board 8M display card.the reason is i use WMP7.1 while in K6-2 i use WIN98 WMP 6.4 !

Zoom Player v1.70
Zoom Player was designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic and flexible when used to its full potential,also sasami2k_743 is good player in recent time.

1.2M sasami2k_743 Sasami2k player 757
a good integrated player,a large number of features,friendly GUI,contrast to " Monster" WMP 7.1,this one is much better.

QuickTime v5.02 installer
APPLE new media player,want to view online MOV files,this is the best choice.features introduction please read here

MP3Pro Audio Player 1.0

plays and makes new MP3pro format MP3 using two audio channels technology to improve high frequency response,it is said this format has surpassed WMA 8.0 format,but it's introduced too late .


another integrated multimedia player, supports popular formats.

Windows Media Player 7.1 simple chinese version

Windows Media Player 7.1
are u still worrying about whether MP8.0 can come out alone?here is your choice.supports new Windows Media 8.0 ,don't need other WM8 codec pack, furthermore,also can burn CD and etc.explore it by yourself;)zippassword is:

EverPlayer 1.0
a general stream files player, supports: CD,VCD,asf .wm .wmv .wma .mpg .mpeg.avi.rm .ram ,also can play files via : RTSP; MMS; MSBD; HTTP.playlist management make you use it much simplely and quickly.of course, you need MediaPlayer and RealPlayer installed in your PC.made by a company in GuangZhou, down if you like.

Media player 8 Beta 2
stand alone version comes from XP.i doesn't like WMP 7 ,but this one is much better than it.please make sure your OS is WIN2K .

QuickTime v5.01
installer only 506k
APPLE newest MOV player.

QuickTime 5 Public Preview 3
full version 9720k
APPLE latest MOV files player

RealPlayer 8.0
REAL MEDIA player-latest Chinese version.

QuickTime 5.0 402kb
QuickTime newest version, this is a partial capabilities lists: 1; improved UI make it much easy to use than QuickTime 4.12 ,better channels and favourite display ;2; built in a brandnew update programme to upgrade online.3; fully supports Macromedia Flash 4 4; support DLS files and wavetable. 5; if used with APPLE 's oncoming QuickTime Streaming Server 3 ,you can enjoy (“Skip” Protection)and other powerful capabilities.

Windows Media Player 7.0 b1958 9M
outdated windows media beta version player,down if you like:)

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