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Other related softwares:

IuVCR v4.00 222
a video capturer aka a player, almost the same as PowerVCR II and WinVCR 2.5Plus, but appears more powerful, can compress video instantly to AVI or WMV files.


player,supports files created by Xvid; MPEG4-V3 MPEG4-V2 and others DivX codecs, lower CPU loading.


it can record all system audios instantly to MP3 or WMA , in another word it's possible to convert RM and WMV to MP3 by using it. .similar to Total Recorder .

XviD latest version
| mirror
a codec based on OpenDivx, good picture quality.

3ivx_D3.5 for OSX | mirror
another branch of DivX , latest MAC version.

Sorceron Cauldron v.1.0
interesting stuff, download here Annie gave a simple preview here | mirror, hard work:)

Sorenson Squeeze for Win 2.0
| mirror demo |《Sorenson Squeeze 2.0 first explore》
FLASH files compressor, support Macromedia Flash MX ! apply video compressing technology in popularly used FLASH files, Sorenson QuickTime 's codec is not bad, this time they also produce a good idea.unfortunately,i can't get this soft until now, glad to exchange if you have;)

Macromedia Flash MX 6

newest FLASH production tool, it doesn't need my explanation.unlimited version, zip password:

Western University of Technology Popular Science Educational VOD software 3.68
| mirror
a vod soft fits to internet caffe; campus network; construction of intellect residential area ; vod service in hotels, i haven't tested it.;)

CyberLink PowerDVD XP v4.0 1329
| mirror
want to watch DVD on your PC, this soft fits you, i'm useing it now;)

Media Jukebox Plus v8.0 222
| mirror
manage and play MP3; RealAudio; RealVideo; QuickTime's media files.

RM VOD system V2.0 | mirror
special designed for online-music website,RM format VOD system,also has some auxiliary modules,only needs little change if you want to use it in a standard music and video site.good architecture of system,worth looking into.

InterVideo WinProducer v2.0
| mirror
a vidoe editor.detailed introduction

InterVideo WinCoder v1.8
| mirror
support capture video from S-Video USB DV and Digital8 and instantly output MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 .detailed introduction

mpEGG! DVD Encoder v2.62.01
| mirror
convert AVI and MOV to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 .

DVD DUP v2.0.6 | mirror
easily used soft supports to convert DVD to VCD or SVCD and burn to CD .

Win DVR 1.8

digital TV recorder, mainly used for watching and capturing TV video on PC, up to 125 channels, instantly capture; compress to MPEG1 and MPEG2 formats.

Ulead Video Studio v6.0
highlighted in easy to use UI, plus powerful Video editor, can convert captured or pre-recorded video files, provides us up to 100 different edit effects! i think everyone knows features of Ulead's soft:)

MegaPEG v1.5.9

another soft support MOV; WMV to MPEG ,if you need it,just down here

西工大科教 VOD system 2.0.0
found somewhere, i have no experience in it, risk by yourself;)

RealMedia Analyzer v.25.01 beta
Another RM fixer, if RMFIX doesn't work in your RM files you can try this one, sourcecode plus detailed help files


let your WINAMP play RM files.


convert QuickTime 's MOV to AVI files, RADTOOLS,another similar soft, included in this package. , choose by your taste.

Sorenson EnVision Version 2.3 19M

another Netmeetion like software.

Flash 6.0 Beta
REG CODE : FLW600-11335-72240-33333
more or less this soft is related with stream, also a popular one, so appears here.

Asf Tools 2.3
1M Asf Tools 2.2 AsfTools 2.0 330k Asf Tools 1.10
extraordinary ASF(WMV)editor; merger; fixer; converter! new verion has improved filehead editor, moreover,perfect in AVI output module!

Ulead DVD MovieFactory v1.0
seems nothing related with stream , but it's my favourite one, and i believe there should be lots of people who like it, so i upload can assist you to make VCD; SVCD; DVD ! zip password :

Microsoft Digital Rights Management 2.0 Cracked! AND FREEME

aliased by Beale Screamer ,a person claimed he had cracked MS's newest DRM-protected WMA files! a lengthy article has been used to elaborate how his crack method came out, a small tool included.are you interested in it?just try and welcome to discuss in our forum!

Panasonic MpegEncoder 2.51 full

very good MPEG encoder, fits need of a friend in our forum.

FrontPage Windows Media Add-in

a FrontPage plugin, after using it,not need writing codes , it's easy : to insert Windows Media in your htmls; control appearance of your WMP; automatically publish files to your web or data stream server.

RealPlayer companion Build 010921 registered version
batch RM files encoder

RM-Fix v4.6b0923

there has appeared piles of ASF fix software since several years ago, however,for RealMediafiles,things doesn't go well like them,now finally we have a soft which can change this can fix bad aka broken RM files .you can use it in two ways, refer inside help files.〔or here〕

CheckSize v1.0

tell you true size of ASF/AVI/DivX files.

ASFIndexGUI v1.1

with ASFIndex(included)can fix ASF easily.

WinVCR 2.5 Plus

WinVCR can directly record video from video card or TV card to MPEG-1; MPEG-2 or ASF formats, plus easily monitor and preview functions. in video record software area,it shares with PowerVCR equally, even better than PowerVCR !

MediaBox 5.0
audio/video converter,support WMV.

support AVI ->WMV files, equal to a GUI-WMV producer , built in bitrate calculator makes it easy to burn CD.

Microsoft Windows Media Player CodeCs

driver package to make Windows Media Player 6.4 or Windows Media Player 7.0 support Windows Media Video 8.0 and Windows Media Audio 8.0 , don't like online upgrade?use it.

Fair Use 0.30

simple and easy to use DVD->AVI tool.

Camtasia V2.2.1 7M
Camtasia v2.2
the best screen capture software,i think,only when your PC is "powerful"'s the native way to deal with DRM although inefficient.pitiful,my C466 box can't do it;(

Streaming Audio Manager v1.3

make it easy to manage you online broadcasts.

Windows Media Rights Manager 7 SDK HELP

M$ newest digital encryption, here is its(SDK)help files, read it to broad your vision.

RealServer Reports 2.5
Real Server G2 's companion,can produce graphic reports from any internet browser support can check each successful record of broadcasts and the statistics of audiences's population.i have no G2 so i haven't tested it, use it if you like.

ASF Fix 1.22 ASF Fix 1.21 ASF Fix
a tool to fix downloaded ASF files,now files downloaded by ASFRecorder and StreamboxVCR can be fixed .only 4K,don't need other softwares,compared with ASFCUT! :)

ASFCut 's GUI, cut and ASF easily.

ASFCut 2.0 beta 1 54k
besides cut and merge asf files, also can fixed some files that can not be recognize by VirtualDub 1.4-asf .

Windows Media 8 Encoder GUI 1.41 Windows Media 8 Encoder GUI 1.4 336K
WME8's GUI, avoid suffering from inputing arguments, here is the latest version

WM8 GUI 1.3
324Kb WM8 GUI 1.2 Beta
a Windows Media 8 GUI , supports WME8 Beta2 .

DivX 3.22 Beta 617Kb
DivX codec hasn't been upgraded since 3.11 version, this is a upgrade, it seems that this version has merged LOW and FAST motions.

Windows Media Encoding Utility v8.0 beta GUI 10Kb
WME8 GUI,avoid suffering from inputing arguments.

Windows Media Encoding Utility v8.0 beta GUI 1.0 259Kb
another GUI of WME 8 ,but personally, i think it's much better than the one above.

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