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EO Video 1.214 | EO Video 1.213 | EO Video 1.21 (CXTG-0ckowzb4)
First choice of convertiong RM to AVI(MPG).new version is specially optimised for RM , this version can convert some files that 1.2 can't .

PresenterOne for RealOne basic

originally known as Real Presenter, this software can convert PowerPoint files to stream files.Here is detailed introduction:《PresenterOne for realOne 试用报告》

RealNetworks RealSystem Producer 9.0 Preview
for windows
"MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN internet AUDIO AND VIDEO "said RealNetworks.with Producer9,you can create RealVideo9 content by useing new RealVideo9 Codec.Due to MS's Corona frequent advertising RealNetwork provide us with this preview version after RealProducer8.51,i think.only leave us a commandline UI (same as wm8 encode utility?), RealVideo 9 provides 30% bandwidth savings over RealVideo 8 at all quality levels. other improvement can get fromoffical introduction.Combined with RealServer 9.0 Beta : RealONE which has released early this year, a outline of creating,publishing and playing RealVideo 9 can be seen now , compared with MS-Corona's only having samples, Realnetworks step ahead this time.

DivXPro.v5.0.2 | DivXPro.v5.0.2 crack files
DivX Pro 5.01 (Ad-Supported) |
mirror DivX Pro 5.01 special files
Divx 5.0 full collection | mirror
DivXNetworks 's latest codec.

Real super compressor 2002 V3.31
| mirror
developed by using RealSystem Producer sdk ,if you don't like RealSystem Producer's english UI and don't want to buy EZYPRO ,then you shoud use it .it also can be looked as RealSystem Producer 's simple version.

Real encode king V1.0
| mirror
another RealMedia encode software similar toReal super compressor 2002 V3.31 .

VirtualDub 1.4.9 | mirror
"VirtualDub isn't an editor application; it's a pre- and post-processor that works as a valuable companion." said virtualdub site,supprot edit,capture(if you have a vfw compatible card)and encode lots of video/audio format.

TMPGEnc- perfect version | mirror
another video encode and convert programme, support WMV -> AVI .

VP5 for Real 0.1.1
| mirror
it seems that we have no time to test VP4 , VP5 have become the latest codec of On-2.VP5 is the leading codec available for both PC and set-top-box video delivery and is the first proprietary codec capable of properly handling interlaced video also supports stream delivery.with this client software,you can experience high quality video/audio on the net.500Kb : 340Kb: VP4: WMP: Divx.

perfect version | mirror
another video encode and convert programme, support WMV-> AVI .

EO-Video 1.2
(CXTG-0ckowzb4) EO-Video 1.2 Chinese version | mirror
Long waiting video convert and encoder software! new release is optimised for :WINXP: AMD-CPU: RealOne player .and support SVCD,VCD and additional,a new RM convert method is adopted in it .i have been told the RM-convert engine was also optimised,but needs test:)

TMPGEnc Plus and VFP
A video/audio encoder with improved picture quality, the function i like best is WMV->MPG.

VP4 for Real Build 0.8

if you want to find whether On-2's codec is the same good as its announcement or not, please install this plugin,and use RealPlayer to play those vp4 samples.300 Kbps : 700 Kbps

ZyGoVideo for Windows
| Macintosh OS 8 & 9 | Macintosh OS X
Another codec based on Apple QuickTime , from the comparation their site provide, it should be a good video codec.but it still can't surpass the Apple QuickTime Sorenson Video 3.1 Pro .

Streambox ACT-L2 Video Decoder Beta 4B
| (for Mac OS version
i think everyone here shoud hear about streambox.this is the decoder Streambox developed based on Apple QuickTime , they still don't want to release encoder,but it will become downloadable recently.(just as VP3 codec) samples can be got fromhere.Streambox 's joinning will make this field become more jollificated!

Morgan Multimedia MJPEG Codec v3.0.0.7
registered version
a codec normally used in some electric devices .

GRiNS Editor for RealONE

SMIL 2.0 editor.of course, for new RealONE.SN:A-NYRB-S4BBS-YHE-LEBQ

Hypnotizer.Editor 1.5
| hypnotizer.editor 1.0
it can embel pictures,text,menu into RM files .because it use XML,so brings us some features of XML into creation, you can add "event response"into video files such as when mouse over picture,it can pause current video and display another picture.powerful functions and easy UI,just like using DREAMWEAVER to produce special effects! but you need plugin installed to see the output you can go to its home web siteto see the's a pity that they don't provide downloadable SERVER version! i'd like exchange the crack with you if you can find the server version!

Terran Cleaner 5.1 update 4.8M recommended--- 5.02
it is the only thirdparty stream edit and convert tools concerned by Microsoft's's the best tools you can find is the latest upgrade version, its new features :
1: support latest Sorenson Video,RealSystems,Windows Media encode
2: support Sorenson SV3: Windows Media 8: RealSystem 8.5 2-pass VBR encode
3: improve engine can read large size AVI file(only windows version)
4: provide higher quality output MPG files
5: compatible with Windows XP (run password

EO - VIDEO 1.1b
it can convert and encode RM,ASF,WMV files to AVI even MPG1.recommended!

Cyberlink StreamAuthor v1.1.1018
9.5M | Cyberlink.StreamAuthor.v1.1.0904 9.1M
Stream convert and capture software released by CyberLink, chinese name is "Linking master of stream files"support WMV -> AVI.latest version! recommended!

Cyberlink StreamAuthor v1.0 7.2M
latest software of CyberLink, (still remember POWERDVD?) recently they released 3 stream software, obviously they are going to join the "stream war".the most noticeable features include:live record: stream files convert: dynamic capture screen to stream can find other softwares which can do better in the other two features.(i've tested several days), but surprisingly i find it supports DVD's vob format, as for real content's picture quality, i recommend you try it by yourself.chinese UI, easy to use.ZIP password:

RealSystem G2 SDK Gold R4 (6.0)
RealSystem G2 SDK is a platform used to develope stream programmes, using RTSP and SMIL.this package include head files: examples and test files.if you need RealProducer SDK 8.0 please refer herehere.

LEAD MJPEG/MCMP Codec v1.0.0.9

Another MJPEG codec

M-JPEG codec v2.07

codec commonly used in DC and Video Encoder cards.

VP3.2.1.0 for Windows Codec
now we can stop our long waiting, a fully new CODEC .though it's not the VP4 which is called the best codec in this world, , it still is the previous version, if you want to know if this codec can surpass Divx 4 , WMV8 or REAL VIDEO 8 ,get and taste it by yourself:) in additional, this codec seems be certificated by MS,when you play AVI files encoded by vp3, WMP will automatically download proper codec from MS codec base, a important step in convenience!

VP3.2.1.3 for QuickTime Codec
651K as said above, but FOR Quick Time .
VP3.2.1.3 source code 983K VP3.2.1.0 source!
VP3 for QuickTime Codec for Mac OS X 300K VP3 codec for MAC OS X !

Ulead MediaStudio Pro v6.5
professional Non-linear video editors suite. includes DVD editor,create VCD: SVCD: MiniDVD: DV: MPEG-2 and video stream

Windows Media 7 Resource Kit Beta 3 25M
worth downloading, piles of windows steam media related softwares, detail please check here.strong recommended!

PowerDirectorv 1.1
comes from CyberLink, higher creation speed, recommended! trial guide

EzyPro_Build 20010710-03-0
EZYPro,another RM-creator,based on RealSystem's RealProducer Plus 8.5, extends RealProducer8.5 's capabilities ,ie:video configurations management,schedule tasks: automatically resume and so on.)trial verion, here is not the proper place to provide offical verion, you'd better buy it:)

Huntek MPEG-4 Player & Maker 750k
stream encoder,comes from Huntek.supports all popular formats, includes interal MPEG-4 codec, can convert MPEG-1/2 to MPEG-4 directly.according to news media,this company is the only one who has MPEG-4 core technology in China,just a gossip? try it yourself.

RealSystem Producer Plus 8.51 6.2M
RealNerWorke 's latest RealMedia files producer.change from 8.50 Build to this 8.51 Build you are a RM creator ,just download.;)

DivX 4.12 | DivX 4.02 | DivX 4.01
DivX codec,fix some 4.11 BUGs, improved performance compared to old version.
up to 20% improvement over old version .

DivX4 offical release
| DivX4 beta2 | DivX4 beta 3 | OpenDivX 4.0 beta
compared with 3vix : OpenDivx and some "new generation" Divx codec, this one is much "newer", "refered" OpenDivx and modified from it, just wants to throw the hat of HACK M$ MPEG-4 codec.but different from OpenDivx and some earlier Divx codec, it's a commercial one.built in CBR\VBR\2PASS , seems no difference with SBC created files.higher decoding speed than old version.full of new technologies, worth trying.

VirtualDub 1.4.8 | VirtualDub 1.4.5 | VirtualDub 1.4.6 | VirtualDub 1.4.7
not need say too much, latest release,download!

VirtualDub 1.4D
| VirtualDub 1.4c-asf | VirtualDub 1.3a
BUG fixed version ,more new features, please check readme in it.portable but powerfule video/audio editor.

support convert most AVI files to WMV files, in fact,it's a WMV-GUI tools, come with bitrate calculate for CD-burnning,so appeared here.

CyberLink Power Director 1.0
CyberLink's product, mainly used to edit MPEG1\2 and DV files, special feature is high speed, "up to 10 times than other products".unbelievable? try!also can output WMV files, related stream section,so put it here .

Motion JPEG2000
240k plugin for Realplay 436k
it's undeniable JPEG2000 headed in pure picture compress, so do you want to experience JPEG2000 compress technology in "motion picture"? grab it!

Windows Producer
Microsoft Producer make it easy to create,edit,preview and publish rich digital media presentation anywhere, include:communications in digital media markets, vod mode administration broadcast in companies, live broadcast or introduction of publishing documents etc.detail information

TMPGEnc beta v1.2g build

super fast MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoder, put it here just to rich this section;)


make your Quick Time MOV files more clear, but PRO version need registeration, so only this BASIC edition here.

TinraGUI v1.3 | Tinra 0.3 | TinraGUI
convert RM to AVI ,GUI version.

Nandub 0.22 Nandub 0.23 Nandub 0.24 Nandub 0.241 Nandub 0.261 Nandub 0.28 Nandub 1.0 RC2
upgrade so fast ! like WINAMP, but it proves that author is still maintaining it ;)
best MPEG-4 make and edit software.thanks to numerous new techs, so contrast to other professional video compressors, also include WM8,it's still a best version also support OGG which i think is better than WMA codec.(i've written a article about OGG sereral months before, i'll release it soon),so now audio created by it is not copyright(OGG is free), hopeful soft!

FlaskMpeg 0.6 preview 2
at the moment,it can do the best DVD2MPEG-4 job, directly convert VOB to AVI , than you can get ASF or WMV from avi, though they have claimed it supports SMP , but it refuses to work in this version , wish to get surprise in the next release.

Windows Media Encoder 7.1
MS offcial stream files creation tool , finally support Windows Media 8.0 technology.

makeASX v1.41

easily build ASX files, supports MPEG format and VCD DAT format.

Sonic Foundry Vegas Video v2.0d 384
excellent video editor, also you can use it to convert video files .this company is always professional in audio edit, so this video editor should not be worse than their audio editors, fully support numerous file formats , video formats: RealVideo 8 (RM), Windows Media 7 (WMV), AVI,and QuickTime 4.0 (MOV) etc, audio formats: AIF, MP3, WAV, RM and WMA etc, "round up all popular file formats today".of course, because RM and WMV 's close developement, these two formats can't be edited by this soft, but it can convert MPEG and other standard video files to your desired stream formats.

ADOBE After Effects V5.0
48M detail information
Adobe recently released it,bundled stream media(Adobe Streaming Media Collection)and digital video (Adobe Digital Video Collection)together, you can cooperate this professional video editor with Premiere, HmHm, want to make those perfections like Apple QuickTime: Real Networks RealPlayer : Microsoft Windows Media Player still more perfect? EASY ! ;)

Windows Media Rights Manager 1

MS job,used to add digital certification to windows stream media files! pityful,even STREAMBOX is not able to download video content produced by it .its 7.0 version has been released but in SDK so i'll not provide it,if you're interested in ithereit is

FFMpeg v0.34 for Linux
Project Mayo OpenDivX 's first step into stream market, no test report because i don't have a Linux system, check introductions below .FFmpeg is a real time video and audio encoder for Linux. It includes a soft VCR and a scalable live broadcast server compatible with most streaming formats. The live broadcast server can generate multiple bitstreams in real time at several resolutions and bitrates at the same time. All you need is a low end video grabbing card.

Meida Palette 1.5
similar soft to Stream Anywhere 1.0 180C , can convert nomal MPEG: AVI and other videos to RM also others steam files, not bad, its 2.0 version has been released, for huge file size reasons, i'll provide its download later.

Stream Anywhere 1.0 180C 7.6M
another famous soft,can do these convert MPEG : mov: qt and other videos to ASF or RM formats, similarily,can convert audio files including MP3 and others to RA or WMA formats.absolutely super good stuff.recommended!

Windows Media 8 Encoding Utility 680K
after tow test versions, finally M$ provid us today with this latest audio/video encoder.what disappoints us is its commandline UI! main feature is so called "True" Variable Bit Rate (VBR)"true VBR? then can we say those formers are "fake" ? detail improvement, give me some time to test it and make a full report, but personally,i think it is just overstated by M$.M$ has changed what they said in test versions-Near CD in 64KBPS to CD quality, then Near CD quality became 48KBPS, really? you can go tohereand hear by your own ear.but i always believe in myself, and in these days i am just writing in this topic, so i'll test it perfectly.

Windows Media Encoding Utility v8.0 beta 2 615Kb
New released video/audio encoder.compared with last version, the only different is a detailed help still need to input parameters,i can't understand it.maybe M$ guys are busy playing with hackers, can you believe that even a simple GUI they can't make?

Windows Media Encoding Utility v8.0 beta 519Kb
New released video/audio encoder, detail information please check [川流不息].

Real Presenter Plus 8.01 10.1M
can convert Microsoft Powerpoint files to REAL MEDIA (RM)format which is popular in net play.certainly please insure you have installed Powerpoint and RealPlayer .

Real Producer Plus 8.5 6.3M
latest REAL MEDIA (RM) production tool, attention!! this is NOT BASIC version,plus version support directly convert MPEG files to RM files

DVD2AVI 1.42 126K
quickly convert DVD to AVI files, better cooperated with WME8


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