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SDP 1.77 | SDP 1.76 | mirror
A good ASF/WMV downloader,needs version 1.75 .
SDP v1.7.5 | SDP v1.6 | SDP 1.5 | Stream Download Project £¨SDP£©v1.4 2M
New MS-stream downloader,with new improved UI and playback functions. The most important is that it can download some protected stream files. ie:A example file-difficult to other stream downloaders. so,just try it before those websites change their configurations.

CommView v3.3 build 205

Another sniffer,for ASPR reasons,it may not be cracked perfectly
Comm View 3.2 B 175
Another sniffer,work well in my win2k box,if your are not satisfied with your Project URL Snooper1.06 you can try this one,although it is not the same professional as URL snooper in finding URL,you can stay with your 2k box,not reboot back to awful win9x.

| mirror
Nothing but a new ASF/WMV downloader(developed under asfrecorder's source)!

NetMoles Downloader 2.2 | mirror
Besides FlashGet and Netant's power download functions,new version support mms/mmst/mmst! in another word,it is also a ASF-WMV stream downloader.

CommView v3.3
| mirror
not professional as URL Snooper1.06 in finding hiden URL,but has good compatibility,recommended!

| mirror
A good ASF downloader! written by YAAN,recommended!

Winpcap for XP
modified WINPCAP can let your URL SNOPPER work well in WINXP . (if you on winxp ,please use Commview !)

GUI Asfr 1.3 | GUI Asfr 1.2
ASFR+ 's GUI version.

Total Recorder V3.3se
| Total Recorder 3.01
a common digital recorder software,can capture almost all the audio played in your pc and save them in WAV or MP3 format,such as:line-in; CD; system audio and etc! with it,you can record any steam files' audio which can be heard in your box and save them as MP3. Compared with Streambox Ripper ,it works in a more "direct" way:)

Netmoles sniffer 1.0

if you think Project URL Snooper 1.06 doesn't work properly in WIN2K and don't like its english UI,you can try this software which also based on WinPcap but can find some "tricky hiden" URLs . WIN2K version and Chinese UI,enjoy it,but don't forget to install WinPcap 2.2 .

My Stream Saver v2.0
mainly used to download SHOUTcast Radio files. PLS is developed by NULLSOFT(Winamp) which is used to stream mp3 files. to enjoy this stream,you need WINAMP ,and also new REALPLAYER 9.0 can do it.£this saver can do somethings that sbvcr can't do i think.

WinPcap 2.3 Beta | WinPcap2.2 | WinPcap
the latest sniffer driver,URL Snooper and netmoles sniffer all need it. this is the latest test version.this driver can resolve some sniffers' problem found in win2k.

Project URL Snooper 1.06 | Project URL Snooper 1.05 BETA 1.8M
one of the powerest sniffer in the world,it can find the true url of RM files hiden in SMIL also you can use it to find ASF url.¡worked with Streambox Vcr you are able to download all of your favorite files.

ASFR+b 5.11 | ASFR+ b5.1
ASFR+ based on ASFRecorder's source code,besides basic download ASF function,also support :1; Chinese file names. 2; multi thread download ASF files(just like flashget). 3; resume,retry connect to server. 4; support MMST(TCP) and HTTP protocols. 5; fix download data,make download files are 100% same as original files. and etc.

Streambox Vcr 1.0 Suite 2.7M
most famous ASF; RM; WMA; RA stream downloader,now dialup users can get the same audio/video experiences as broadband users.of course,the most significant feature is that it can deal with many "undownloadable files".support live and vod. this suite has packed Beta 3.0; Beta 3.1 and other interesting stuffs,crack versions!strong recommended.

X-FileGet 1.0 beta 1M
A outdated RM-stream downloader,only support PNM protocol,similar UI as Streambox Vcr 1.0 Suite

ASFRecorder 1.1 360K
Father of most modern MS-stream files downloaders,it's the last version oweing to MS-monster:-( fully open source.

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